Lady Liberty Dances!


Liberty and other conservatives activists have seized many Executive Committeeman positions and even more delegate slots within the Charleston Republican Party- much, much more than the last reorganization.  Participation in reorganizations around the county has increased ten fold. This is a dramatic victory for the local Liberty movement! It is not not too late if you’d care to join us!  There is one last chance to get on board!   On Thursday, March 19, the Charleston County GOP re-organization make-up meeting will be held at North Charleston City Hall, 2500 City Hall Lane from 7 to 8 PM.  It is very likely you could qualify as a delegate to the County Convention held on April 11 at 11AM at the Orange Grove Elementary School located at 1225 Orange Branch Rd. in Charleston.  Here we will have the important task of choosing the local conservative leadership of the party and rejecting the return of the ineffective political class.  There will be a poll for the Presidential candidates.  You could select Charleston’s preferred candidate for the 2016 Presidential race and possibly influence the opinion of the rest of the State and Nation! And if you’d like to be more than a delegate, some Executive Committeeman positions still remain open and vulnerable, as are many more precinct officer positions.  This will be your last chance to help before the 2016 elections as the next re-organization is a full two years away.  The only thing stopping you is, well…. you. If Liberty is to survive and thrive, we will need your help! image   Other County make up re-organizations and conventions are: Barnwell County re-organization makeup is March 23 at 7PM. Barnwell Co. Library, 49 Burr St, Barnwell. The convention is April 13. Dorchester County re-organization makeup is March, 26th before our regular monthly meeting. The Dorchester. County Convention will be on April 18th at Fort Dorchester High School. Florence County re-organization makeup date is Saturday, March 21st at Poynor Adult Education, Room 2-A, beginning at 10:00 am. Lexington County re-organization make up Is Saturday March 7th, at 9:00AM, Lexington Main Library, 5440 Augusta Road, Lexington, SC and the LCGOP County Convention is Saturday April 11th, 2015 8:30AM, 12:00AM, at the Meadow Glen Middle School Auditorium, 440 Ginny Lane, Lexington, SC 29072. Orangeburg County makeup will be at the regular Third Thursday meeting on Mar. 19 at 7 pm at Rosalia’s Restaurante Mexicano, 1058 Russell Street. If your County is not listed, make the effort to call your local Chairman for the date and location.  DO NOT ACCEPT ANY INFORMATION AS ACCURATE FROM UNSOLICITED PHONE CALLS WITHOUT CONFIRMING IT THROUGH OTHER SOURCES.  Ye Ol’ Establishment (currently marginalized and in defensive mode) is running several disinformation and misdirection campaigns.  DOUBLE CHECK ALL IMPORTANT INFORMATION  BY USING MULTIPLE RESOURCES.