2015 GOP Reorganization SC Counties Announced


All individuals interested in advancing Liberty in the Republican Party will need to bring their driver’s license and voter registration card to their re-organization meeting.  Membership fees are waived this year but there will be a small fee to attend the County Convention.

Barnwell County re-organization is Mon. March 9 at the Barnwell Co. Library, 49 Burr St, Barnwell at 7pm.

Beaufort County re-organization is Tuesday, March 3
Thursday, March 5, Friday, March 6, Saturday, March 7
And Wednesday, March 11
If you have questions, contact your Regional Director

Berkeley County re-organization is March 16, 2015 7:00 PM
Berkeley Electric Cooperative, Goose Creek

Charleston County the Make-up meeting is Thurs., Mar. 19 from 7 to 8 pm at North Charleston City Hall, 2500 City Hall Lane.
Dorchester County re-organization is Monday March 9th at Summerville High School and the other on March 12th at Fort Dorchester High School. In both cases, the doors open at 6:30 pm, the meeting starts at 7:00 pm and the voting starts at 7:30 pm. There will be several precincts holding their own re-organizations, especially in the upper part of the county.

Florence County re-organization is Monday, March 9 at 7:00pm  Floyd Conference Center – 1592 Freedom Blvd., Florence, SC

Greenville County re-organization is March 16 at 7 PM at your regular polling location.

Horry County re-organization is “probably” Saturday, March 21st.  Stay tuned for more info.

Kershaw County re-organization is March 12th, 6 PM. 1.Kershaw County Chamber of Commerce – 607 Broad Street, Camden for Precincts: Airport, Antioch, Camden 1-6, Camden 5a, Charlotte, Thompson, East Camden/Heritage, Liberty Hill, Malvern Hill, Riverdale, Shaylor’s Hill, and White Gardens  2. Hard Times Cafe, Hwy. 1, Cassatt for Precincts Bethune, Buffalo, Cassatt, Gatesford, and Westville  3. Lugoff Elgin High School, Hwy. 1 South, Lugoff for Precincts Lugoff 1-4, and Rabon Crossroads   4. Elgin Townhall, Main Street, Elgin for Precincts: Elgin 1-5, Salt Pond, and Doby’s Mill.

Lexington County re-organization is Thursday, March 5th, 2015 – 6:30PM – 8:00PM.                                             Northern DistrictSt. Andrews Presbyterian Church 6952 St. Andrews Road, Columbia SC  Amick’s Ferry, Bush River, Challendon, Chapin, Coldstream, Dreher Island, Dutchman Shores, Gardendale, Grenadier, Irmo, Lincreek, Murraywood, Old Lexington, Quail Valley, Seven Oaks, St. Michael, Whitehall, and Woodland Hills.  Eastern & Southern DistrictsGrace Baptist Church (Hansen Chapel) 416 Denham Ave., West Columbia, SC  Chalk Hill, Congaree 1, Congaree 2, Emmanuel Church, Gaston 1, Gaston 2, Mack Edisto, Pelion 1, Pelion 2, Pine Ridge 1, Pine Ridge 2, Sandy Run, Sharpe’s Hill, Swansea 1, and Swansea 2. Cayce 1, Cayce 2, Cayce 2A, Cayce 3, Edenwood, Hook’s Store, Leaphart Road, Mt. Hebron, Old Barnwell Road, Pineview, Quail Hollow, Saluda River, Springdale, Springdale South, West Columbia 1, West Columbia 2, West Columbia 3, West Columbia 4, and Westover.  Central B & Western DistrictsPleasant Hill Middle School 660 Rawl Road, Lexington, SC  Barr Road 1,  Barr Road 2, Bethany, Boiling Springs, Boiling Springs South, Cedar Crest, Cromer, Edmund, Kitti Wake, Oakwood, Red Bank, Red Bank South 1, Red Bank South 2, Round Hill, Sand Hill, St. David’s, White Knoll, Carolina Springs, Platt Springs 1, and Platt Springs 2. Batesburg, Beulah Church, Fairview, Gilbert, Hollow Creek, Leesville, Mims, Pond Branch, Ridge Road, and Summit. Central A DistrictGreater Lexington Chamber & Visitors Center 311 W. Main Street, Lexington, SC  Faith Church, Lake Murray 1, Lake Murray 2, Lexington 1, Lexington 2, Lexington 3, Lexington 4, Midway, Mount Horeb, Park Road 1, Park Road 2, Pilgrim Church, Providence Church, and River Bluff.

Pickens County re-organization is March 19, 6PM Rosewood Center, 419 E. Main St, Liberty, SC 29657

Spartanburg County is March 16 at 7 PM at your regular polling location.

Sumter County re-organization is March 5,
6:15 pm – 8:00 pm at the Wikked Buffalo Wings on Broad St.

York County re-organization is March 19.


Just showing up: The path to victory


image           [Submitted by James Trementozzi for the LTPP]

It’s that simple.

Although many of you may doubt this, I can assure you that it IS that simple. Most people won’t hesitate to leave a scathing remark on a Facebook feed, a comment on an online article or have a strong opinion at the bar. Those same people would be better served to show up at a reorganization. Trust me, there’s no, and I mean ZERO, resistance. In most cases you will be the ONLY PERSON IN YOUR PRECINCT.

Last precinct reorganization I convinced my wife to join me. We were rookies and admittedly nervous. What we encountered shocked us. Out of, say, 13 precincts only 7 had people show up. Almost fully HALF of those precincts went unorganized. And only 3 precincts had more than 1 person which means that 4 precincts had an unopposed Executive Committeeman. There was an elderly gentleman in our precinct that attended. And even though we came to become an EC (Exec. Committeeman) and President, we offered him the EC position. He was so happy to see us “young people” show up and “give a damn” that he refused. We fumbled our way through the procedure but we did it! This website for the Liberty Tree Precinct Project is designed to instill confidence in you and prevent fear of fumbling.

I should mention that there may be a “miraculously” loaded precinct. Daniel Island did have a half dozen people show up. Of course it was chock full of establishment republicans. The entire reorganization process that we experienced was a cordial proceeding with no issues.
So why don’t you hear about these reorganizations? Maybe the status quo doesn’t want the competition, maybe they’re afraid of a take over? Most likely it’s apathy. Everyday Joe’s like myself find it difficult to believe that it’s easy to become an EC. This position allows you to vote in Excom meetings and it’s a critical step to become a State Delegate. At the State level we can affect our local government.

So don’t be like this:

Tied up with the conviction that you cannot institute change.

The only thing stopping you is the illusion that you can’t do it. If this high school dropout, Yankee transplant that has been pummeled with liberal indoctrination tactics for 35 years can do it, anyone can!

[Editor’s note: CCGOP reorganization is scheduled Saturday, March 7, 2015 from 10:30AM to Noon.  Other counties may be scheduled differently.  For Charleston County this year, reorganization will be decentralized over many regional locations to make it even easier for you to attend.  Contact us for details.]

The Approaching Ides of March

The Ides of March, 44 BC

The Ides of March, 44 BC

The midterm elections are now behind us.  If you have ever considered getting involved in local politics to advance Liberty, it is time to think about the upcoming reorganization scheduled in March 2015. You will need a few months to organize for this process.

South Carolina State law requires that political parties reorganize every two years. Each organized precinct elects officers that become members of the Executive Committee. One of the officers, the Executive Committeeman, will set policy for your party. As a participant, you will hear candidates speak often, you will get reports directly from your elected officials and will get to ask them questions, and you will control how the party spends its money.

It is through this process that the Founders envisioned an electorate participating in politics. Your grassroots-style participation is critical for the correct functioning of our Republic. Professional politicians have completely different objectives than the average citizen. They hope you continue to do nothing so that they may continue to grow the State. They hope you continue to cede your responsibility to stop them. Are you happy with the way our political leaders are directing our country? Their goals, almost always opposite of yours, are more easily met with you on the sidelines.

It is that simple.

There is a pervasive political apathy that has seized most Americans. One might call it intentional when you consider that our public school system has entirely eliminated a discussion of “Civics” from its curriculum; that the political parties plan reorganization rather quietly; that they announce it just enough to satisfy legal requirements. But most importantly, it is the media that creates an illusion of real philosophical differences between Democrats and Republicans, when there are really none. (Both parties spend money contributing to the deficit, both parties want war, both parties vote to take away your rights, both parties participate in Crony-Capitalism, both parties ignore the constitution to their benefit.)  When there are differences, they are usually related to a matter of degree or are of a more superficial nature, comparatively.

One Party, Two Heads

One Party, Two Heads

The media perpetuates the myth that there are party leaders that know what’s best for you, offers false choices, and “dumbs down” their message to the lowest IQ of their viewership.  The media’s job is not to inform you any more.  It’s main concern is that you tune in so that they can sell ad revenue.  If it misinforms you, or distracts you, or reforms your opinion in the process, well, that’s “just business”.

Media's Modus Operandi

Media’s Modus Operandi

It is reasonable to assume that this pernicious apathy is a natural response to conflicting messages; the beginnings of a developing cognitive dissonance. It is a conditioned self-protecting response of a brain working normally in an abnormal environment.

In March 2015, the Charleston County Republican Party will organize their precincts and Executive Committee Members and Presidents (and other officers) will be elected.

Can you shake off the apathy?  Liberty is calling.

Why They Hate Peace


Article by Ron Paul via Mises.org
Why They Hate Peace
Posted:Sat, 17 May 2014 00:00:00 -0500

[Editor’s Note: This is a selection from the last chapter of Ron Paul’s A Foreign Policy of Freedom.]

The most succinct statement about how governments get their people to support war came from Hermann Goering at the Nuremberg trials after World War II:

Why of course the people don’t want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.

It is rather frightening that a convicted Nazi war criminal latched onto an eternal truth!

It should be harder to promote war, especially when there are so many regrets in the end. In the last 60 years, the American people have had little say over decisions to wage war. We have allowed a succession of presidents and the United Nations to decide when and if we go to war, without an express congressional declaration as the Constitution mandates.

Since 1945, our country has been involved in over 70 active or covert foreign engagements. On numerous occasions we have provided weapons and funds to both sides in a conflict. It is not unusual for our so-called allies to turn on us and use these weapons against American troops. In recent decades we have been both allies and enemies of Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and the Islamists in Iran. And where has it gotten us? The endless costs resulting from our foolish policies, in human lives, injuries, tax dollars, inflation, and deficits, will burden generations to come. For civilization to advance, we must reduce the number of wars fought. Two conditions must be met if we hope to achieve this.

First, all military (and covert paramilitary) personnel worldwide must refuse to initiate offensive wars beyond their borders. This must become a matter of personal honor for every individual. Switzerland is an example of a nation that stands strongly prepared to defend herself, yet refuses to send troops abroad looking for trouble.

Second, the true nature of war must be laid bare, and the glorification must end. Instead of promoting war heroes with parades and medals for wars not fought in the true defense of our country, we should more honestly contemplate the real results of war: death, destruction, horrible wounds, civilian casualties, economic costs, and the loss of liberty at home.

The neoconservative belief that war is inherently patriotic, beneficial, manly, and necessary for human progress must be debunked. These war promoters never send themselves or their own children off to fight.

Some believe economic sanctions and blockades are acceptable alternatives to invasion and occupation. But these too are acts of war, and those on the receiving end rarely capitulate to the pressure. More likely they remain bitter enemies, and resort to terrorism when unable to confront us in a conventional military fashion.

Inflation, sanctions, and military threats all distort international trade and hurt average people in all countries involved, while usually not really hurting the targeted dictators themselves. Our bellicose approach encourages protectionism, authoritarianism, militant nationalism, and go-it-alone isolationism. Our government preaches free trade and commerce, yet condemns those who want any restraints on the use of our military worldwide. We refuse to see how isolated we have become. Our loyal allies are few, and while the UN does our bidding only when we buy the votes we need, our enemies multiply. A billion Muslims around the world now see the US as a pariah.

Our military is more often used to protect private capital overseas, such as oil and natural resources, than it is to protect our own borders. Protecting ourselves from real outside threats is no longer the focus of defense policy, as globalists become more influential inside and outside our government.

The weapons industry never actually advocates killing to enhance its profits, but a policy of endless war and eternal enemies benefits it greatly. Some advocate cold war strategies, like those used against the Soviets, against the unnamed “terrorists.” It’s good for business!

Many neoconservatives are not bashful about this:

Thus, paradoxically, peace increases our peril, by making discipline less urgent, encouraging some of our worst instincts, and depriving us of some of our best leaders. The great Prussian general Helmuth von Moltke knew whereof he spoke when he wrote a friend, “Everlasting peace is a dream, not even a pleasant one; war is a necessary part of God’s arrangement of the world. … Without war the world would deteriorate into materialism.” As usual, Machiavelli dots his i’s and crosses the t’s: it’s not just that peace undermines discipline and thereby gives the destructive vices greater sway. If we actually achieved peace, “Indolence would either make (the state) effeminate or shatter her unity; and two things together, or each by itself, would be the cause of her ruin …” This is Machiavelli’s variation on a theme by Mitterrand: the absence of movement is the beginning of defeat. (Michael Ledeen, Machiavelli on Modern Leadership)

Those like Ledeen who approvingly believe in “perpetual struggle” generally are globalists, uninterested in national sovereignty and borders. True national defense is of little concern to them. That’s why military bases are closed in the United States regardless of their strategic value, while several new bases are built in the Persian Gulf, even though they provoke our enemies to declare jihad against us. The new Cold War justifies everything.

War, and the threat of war, are big government’s best friend. Liberals support big government social programs, and conservatives support big government war policies, thus satisfying two major special interest groups. And when push comes to shove, the two groups cooperate and support big government across the board — always at the expense of personal liberty. Both sides pay lip service to freedom, but neither stands against the welfare/warfare state and its promises of unlimited entitlements and endless war.

Note: The views expressed in Daily Articles on Mises.org are not necessarily those of the Mises Institute.

Dr. Ron Paul is a former member of Congress and a Distinguished Counselor to the Mises Institute. See Ron Paul’s article archives.

MEDIA ENCLOSURE: http://images.mises.org/people/RonPaul.jpg

Your Motivation?


What is it that motivates you to be an activist for Liberty?  Is it money? Power?  Recycling?  Of course not! It is a profound sense of what is fair.  It is a desire to be left alone.  It is so that you can have choices; to pursue happiness; to build a future.

It is for my young children that I am most motivated.

A harrowing vision of the future: I am an old man.  My daughter, now mature enough to grasp what has been lost, wants to know more about what happened to America on my watch.  She still lives at home, unable to afford her own mortgage, or rent for that matter.  She is burdened by taxes. Her tax rate, on a middle class salary, is two thirds of her income.  Even so, seventy-five percent of what she pays the government is used to service it’s massive debt.  I tell her I tried to fix things by writing some letters and blogging about some things; I went to a few rallies; I waved some signs. “And what did that do?” she asks, innocently.  “Nothing,” I say after some thought, “absolutely nothing…”


But some others do even less.  Often the excuse for involvement IS the fact that they have a young family.  What could possibly be more motivating than your kids’ future in serious jeopardy from an overreaching state?

The truth is that we need to do more than show up at a rally or write a couple letters that fall on deaf ears.   We need to BECOME our government and shrink it from the inside out.

Work Smarter, Not Harder!


You’re an excellent communicator. You have all your facts straight. You research every topic before you feel comfortable taking a side. You know that truth always prevails when one applies logic. You are tech savy. You know the ins-and-outs of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and blogging; you make meaningful comments on every cutting edge political, economic and social website. People respect your opinion. Now you talk to them. You talk to your colleagues at work; your family during the holidays; perhaps the store clerk at checkout. Slowly, and with a lot of time and effort, you have been winning votes over to the side of Liberty. Maybe as much as two to three a day. No?! You are better than that? Let’s say you employ 4 hours a day and are able to convert twenty-five people a day. image My, you ARE a champion for liberty, aren’t you!

image Now what if I told you of a way to convert a few thousand votes every month at the personal cost of only two hours of your time, max?  Interested?  With a little extra work, you might be able to influence tens of thousands of votes.  Hard to believe, isn’t it?  Look at the green sidebar of this webpage. See the “South Carolina Precinct Data” page?  Click on it and look at your County population and the number of precincts in that County.  Let’s take Greenville as an example. Greenville County, South Carolina has 144 precincts divided among 438,119 citizens, according to our chart.  If we assume for the sake of argument that the population is roughly divided among the precincts, we can assume that each precinct contains, very roughly, 3000 citizens.  Now Greenville is a big county for South Carolina.  But even if one were to apply this formula to smaller counties, we find at least 600 voters in each precinct.  Though there are smaller numbers in the smaller counties, there may be an extra, hidden surprise in these smaller counties that make them “extra special.”

But first, back to Greenville.  Let’s say you live in this county and would like to find out what precinct you are in.  Go back to the green side bar and select the “Find Your Precinct by State” page.  Select “South Carolina Voters” and enter the required information (these links are provided and maintained by each States’ election board).  You now know your precinct (and other pertinent information).  You can learn more about your particular precinct, such as the zip-code that applies to it, by additionally exploring the “Precincts by Zip-code” link, also within the “South Carolina Precinct Data” page.  Now, call your County Chairman for your party and ask if your precinct is unorganized.  If not, tell them you have been considering joining the party, and getting involved locally, and you would like to represent your precinct as an executive committeeman.  In South Carolina, this is all you may have to do.  In other States, there may be a few additional steps.  Congratulations!  You now literally vote for 600 to 3000 people when you show up to your party’s monthly meetings.  You don’t need to convince them to sign up for your blog or ask them to ‘friend’ you on Facebook!

image There is the other possibility, of course, that your precinct is already organized. As discussed in an earlier post, regularly scheduled reorganizations occur every two years in most States. At the time of writing this post, we are a full year away from South Carolina’s next reorganization. That’s actually good, because you’ll need some time to prepare. Contact us through this website to get some guidance on what to do next. In some cases, we may be able to get you installed sooner. In other cases, not.

imageEarlier, we mentioned some “hidden gold” in some of the smaller counties.  Let’s talk about that now.  Did you know that not every county has an operating party established?  If you are motivated to find one or two other like minded individuals, you could create your own county party and now control all votes within the county.  At the very least, your County deserves to be represented!


Additionally, every County gets to send at least one delegate to the State convention. Therein lies the gold!  Candidates for State delegate from larger Counties have to duke it out to be selected or win an election of their peers to be a State delegate. You would only have to select the best choice among three friends that you have personally hand picked. The State delegate represents tens of thousands of voters at the State level. How many hours of your time would have been required to affect that many votes doing it the ‘old way?’ imageNow, for those that live in bigger Counties, you can still compete among your peers to be selected for State delegate. But even if unsuccessful, you could still locate friends and like minded individuals within unorganized precincts within your County, and tell them about this strategy.  Now, instead of controlling only 3000 votes, you are multiplying your influence with each recruitment.  If you are good and can install only five more executive committeemen, you now have influence over 15,000 voters.  Become a good recruiter, and even the ‘other side’ will begin to be influenced.

The goal of the Liberty Tree Precinct Project is to help you succeed.  We want to assist you in any way possible.  So if you have questions, or concerns, or need help, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We can be reached by filling out the form under the “I Want to Advance Liberty!” page.  We can also discuss things by email at the address located on the sidebar or in the “About Us” page.  Additionally, you can ask questions via the comments forum.  Don’t forget to follow our progress by signing up on the “follow” tab.

What kind of Champion for Liberty can you become?


The Most Powerful Office in the Land


Precinct Reorganization meetings of a party are where executive committeemen and other local officers are elected to represent their neighbors within their party within each precinct. They occur bi-annually. These “reorgs” as they’re called, are where the party leaders at the county level are elected for the next 2 years.

Why is it that the office of executive committeeman (“EC”) has been called “the most powerful office in the land?” You might remember that our Constitution identified “We the People” as the most powerful sovereign entity in these United States. Until that moment in history, power originated from a King. Written edicts from a ruler would begin with the name of the King written in calligraphy identifying him as the source of the declaration. Our founders put “We the People” in similar ornate script to symbolize this radical shift in political structure. The people became King. As such, “We the People” is where power originates and flows to other entities, such as the States and Congress.

But because the EC is the closest structured political officeholder to the registered voter (or “We the People”) they are next in line for this power, even before the State or Congress. Even so, the average registered voter has no vote in internal party policy, but an executive committeeman does. An EC elects district, county and state party officers, delegates to the State convention and national party members. ECs attending the State convention vote on the “planks” in the party platform: the party principles that are advanced over the next two years. Additionally, ECs interact with their elected party officials to influence legislation every month. Principled local party leaders endorse and influence Liberty and Constitutional-minded Congressmen. They can change a nation.

It is at the precinct organizational meeting that inadequate party leaders can be removed and replaced with individuals like you, who understand their duty to represent the concerns and opinions of their neighbors and participate in a true representative democracy (a Republic) as described by our Constitution.

The Charleston County GOP, for example, held their bi-annual county precinct re-organization in March 2013. Despite this, over 60 precincts in the County of Charleston remain unorganized; there is no executive committeeman representing these areas. The weakness of the GOP is evidenced by this same absence of representation in other counties nationwide. Since current quorums within recent meetings seldom exceed 80 votes in large counties, filling these seats with like minded voting members would certainly ensure landslide victories. YOU CAN BECOME A COUNTY EXECUTIVE COMMITTEEMAN IN THE CHARLESTON GOP WITH VOTING PRIVILEGES IN AS LITTLE AS TWO WEEKS if you live in certain precincts. This is really a precious opportunity for YOU and your country, because some precincts never turn over their executive committeeman to just anyone. But because of where you live, you need only ask for it.

Other parties are not quite so weak, but would be influenced by participation of Liberty minded citizens at the executive committeeman level. It is up to us to wrest control from these parties by competing for committeeman positions and winning them.

Concerned Americans need to run for Executive Committeeman in their own neighborhood precinct. The Liberty Tree Precinct Project’s goal is to put you in touch with like-minded individuals who can guide you with your effort to become an executive committeeman and functional reformer of your party. We are creating a network of Liberty-minded individuals who can take back our country and restore the Republic as it was designed to function.

Our network is growing. Our strategy is working in Charleston. We’d like you to repeat our model in your own county. We are not asking for money. We need something more valuable: your time; your involvement; your integrity.