How 45 Minutes Can Improve Our Community


(Editor’s note: A message to the Charleston-LTPP from John Steinberger)



I’m sure many of you are as frustrated as I am about how government keeps getting bigger and our tax money keeps getting wasted. The City of Charleston just spent $150 Million on Gaillard Auditorium and plans to spend hundreds of millions more on a museum and a swimming pool.

The Charleston County School District has a $500 Million annual budget – don’t even get me started about the waste there!

Squeezing the Middle-Class and Small Business

Squeezing the Middle-Class and Small Business

The only way we can roll back the effects of Big Government is to recruit and elect liberty-minded candidates. The City of Charleston has a Mayoral race in 2015 and there will be 5 of the 9 Charleston County School Board seats on the ballot in 2016.

We’ll work together to recruit good candidates. The best way to get them elected is to go out in our neighborhoods and convince like-minded neighbors to vote for candidates we support.

The way we do it is attend a 45 min. Republican Party Precinct meeting Sat., Mar 7 at 11 am. If we can get 5-10 people to attend this short meeting, we have the structure needed to get people elected!

Do you have 45 minutes to give?



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