The Approaching Ides of March

The Ides of March, 44 BC

The Ides of March, 44 BC

The midterm elections are now behind us.  If you have ever considered getting involved in local politics to advance Liberty, it is time to think about the upcoming reorganization scheduled in March 2015. You will need a few months to organize for this process.

South Carolina State law requires that political parties reorganize every two years. Each organized precinct elects officers that become members of the Executive Committee. One of the officers, the Executive Committeeman, will set policy for your party. As a participant, you will hear candidates speak often, you will get reports directly from your elected officials and will get to ask them questions, and you will control how the party spends its money.

It is through this process that the Founders envisioned an electorate participating in politics. Your grassroots-style participation is critical for the correct functioning of our Republic. Professional politicians have completely different objectives than the average citizen. They hope you continue to do nothing so that they may continue to grow the State. They hope you continue to cede your responsibility to stop them. Are you happy with the way our political leaders are directing our country? Their goals, almost always opposite of yours, are more easily met with you on the sidelines.

It is that simple.

There is a pervasive political apathy that has seized most Americans. One might call it intentional when you consider that our public school system has entirely eliminated a discussion of “Civics” from its curriculum; that the political parties plan reorganization rather quietly; that they announce it just enough to satisfy legal requirements. But most importantly, it is the media that creates an illusion of real philosophical differences between Democrats and Republicans, when there are really none. (Both parties spend money contributing to the deficit, both parties want war, both parties vote to take away your rights, both parties participate in Crony-Capitalism, both parties ignore the constitution to their benefit.)  When there are differences, they are usually related to a matter of degree or are of a more superficial nature, comparatively.

One Party, Two Heads

One Party, Two Heads

The media perpetuates the myth that there are party leaders that know what’s best for you, offers false choices, and “dumbs down” their message to the lowest IQ of their viewership.  The media’s job is not to inform you any more.  It’s main concern is that you tune in so that they can sell ad revenue.  If it misinforms you, or distracts you, or reforms your opinion in the process, well, that’s “just business”.

Media's Modus Operandi

Media’s Modus Operandi

It is reasonable to assume that this pernicious apathy is a natural response to conflicting messages; the beginnings of a developing cognitive dissonance. It is a conditioned self-protecting response of a brain working normally in an abnormal environment.

In March 2015, the Charleston County Republican Party will organize their precincts and Executive Committee Members and Presidents (and other officers) will be elected.

Can you shake off the apathy?  Liberty is calling.


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