Your Motivation?


What is it that motivates you to be an activist for Liberty?  Is it money? Power?  Recycling?  Of course not! It is a profound sense of what is fair.  It is a desire to be left alone.  It is so that you can have choices; to pursue happiness; to build a future.

It is for my young children that I am most motivated.

A harrowing vision of the future: I am an old man.  My daughter, now mature enough to grasp what has been lost, wants to know more about what happened to America on my watch.  She still lives at home, unable to afford her own mortgage, or rent for that matter.  She is burdened by taxes. Her tax rate, on a middle class salary, is two thirds of her income.  Even so, seventy-five percent of what she pays the government is used to service it’s massive debt.  I tell her I tried to fix things by writing some letters and blogging about some things; I went to a few rallies; I waved some signs. “And what did that do?” she asks, innocently.  “Nothing,” I say after some thought, “absolutely nothing…”


But some others do even less.  Often the excuse for involvement IS the fact that they have a young family.  What could possibly be more motivating than your kids’ future in serious jeopardy from an overreaching state?

The truth is that we need to do more than show up at a rally or write a couple letters that fall on deaf ears.   We need to BECOME our government and shrink it from the inside out.


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